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Our health and fitness experts know the importance of protein in an active lifestyle.

Featured: Holly Perkins


24/7-365: I daydream about fitness. What can I do differently? What will tomorrow’s workout look like? Where can I be innovative?

Today: I think most folks find change scary and difficult. For me it appears in the gym. Today I’m digging deep and forcing myself to face my fears.

Tomorrow: Strength training has changed my life this past year. Tomorrow I want to be able to help others find success in the gym.

My Max: Protein is extremely important to aid in recovery from workouts. I need an exceptional amount of protein for a gal. I love that Promax bars have substantial protein, but they taste like a candy bar. They are perfect with my afternoon tea from India!

My Bar: Around workouts and for sweet treats I will always be loyal to my lover Nutty Butter Crisp. For mid-day protein needs with fewer carbs, Honey Peanut LS!

Looking For:The perfect workout to help women feel their strength.

Holly Perkins is on a mission to improve the ratio of women to men strength training in gyms everywhere. After nearly 20 years as a fitness expert working with women, Promax Ambassador, Holly Perkins, discovered that strength training may be the panacea to the myriad of health concerns women face today, yet the most elusive and confusing area in women’s fitness. As a result, in 2013, Holly started the Women’s Strength Nation movement in an effort to create a community where women can experience all of the tools for proper strengthening and conditioning.
Soon women around the world will have access to credible information from experts in the field on every aspect of building a proper fitness program. Join Holly on her mission to help women discover and cultivate a deeper sense of physical, personal and spiritual strength through the practice of strength training. Visit if you are interested in learning more about Women’s Strength Nation.