Meet the Promax DOers – the workers, the earners, the bikers, hikers, golfers, climbers, joggers, mom-ers, dad-ers, DIY-ers. They are the everyday warriors for whom life is a verb. For us, life is go, Promax protein our fuel.

We live our lives to the max. Whether we are up at 6am for a morning workout o r chasing our kids around the backyard, we need nutritious snacks to keep us energized. That’s where Promax comes in. Packed with protein, Promax bars and snacks provide our bodies with convenient protein solutions we need , without any of the artificial sweeteners, flavors or preservatives that we don’t. We care about what we put into our bodies and we trust Promax to help us perform.

Kacie Cleveland

Kacie Cleveland

24/7-365: I move my body every day… tower running, swimming, inline skating, Crossfit, biking, training clients, stretching. Handstands are done daily. I refuse to stop!

TODAY: Up at the crack of dawn to train my clients and myself. Go to bed early. Repeat.

TOMORROW: I never want my body to fall into a routine or get comfortable. I make sure I train my mental strength as much (if not more) than my physical strength, so I usually focus on the exercises that I either hate or am horrible at! We should always be working to improve ourselves and get comfortable being uncomfortable to become stronger and better than yesterday!

MY MAX: Not only do I have a strategy for my workouts, but I plan a strategy for my nutrition. During my hectic days I count on Promax to give me the energy to get me through it. I always bring extra Promax bars to share with new friends I meet along the way!

MY BAR: Gluten Free PromaxLS Peanut Butter Cookie Dough.

LOOKING FOR: Anyone wanting to step up their fitness plan, train for a half or full marathon, or just need an ELECTRIC JUMPSTART to get started on their path to a better and fitter life! I make full body, functional workouts that are fast, fun, scalable, and WILL NEVER GET BORING!

Sean Garick

Sean Garick

24/7-365: Going Hard and Staying Balanced. Going Hard by pushing myself further than I ever believed possible with confidence and a positive mindset. Staying Balanced- the key to my health and life- with a holistic view of fitness and an emphasis on core development.

TODAY: Disciplined development through Training, Proper Rest and Nutrition

TOMORROW: Maximizing all of my potential at Ironman 70.3 Austin.

MY MAX: Promax is essential to everything I do. I have Promax bars stashed everywhere- at work, at home, in my car and in my gym bag. Whether I’m preparing for a tough training session or recovering from the last one, Promax is perfect for my nutritional needs.

MY BAR: Both the Chocolate Peanut Crunch and the Lemon (Really! It’s awesome!!)

LOOKING FOR: The passionate! We live in a world of amazing people who are overcoming every type of obstacle imaginable; some physical, some emotional and some mental. These people have one thing in common- They Believe! I’m looking for people who believe- serious, passionate athletes of any level who believe in their dreams. I want to be a part of that and help them achieve what they once thought was impossible!!

Sara Haley

Sara Haley

24/7-365: : I’m a mom and I love it. I also love what I do, which is why I created my “WHAT You Love WHO You Love” series on YouTube and my Blog. Every day, I’m constantly trying to balance my passion, interests and career with my friends and family.

TODAY: Today is Saturday and my youngest son, Liam, turned one today. (My oldest son, Landon, is four.) My mom is visiting so I was able to get up and sweat it out in an early morning yoga class, followed by prepping for a small group of friends/family over to celebrate Liam’s birthday. I love the weekends because I get to spend the most time with lots of people WHO I love.

TOMORROW: We are participating in the first ever Stroll ’N Run, a 5K with strollers. My oldest son, Landon, will run with us - our first family run. I love living in Santa Monica, CA because there are so many options for being active as a family. Tomorrow night I’ll prep for the week by making my weekly “To Do” list. My new postnatal workout DVD, “Expecting MORE: The 4th Trimester Workout” just came out so I’m busy balancing press and media opportunities with taking care of my kids.

MY MAX: Like a lot of moms, I struggle with making sure I take care of myself as much and, as well, as I take care of my kids. I love having Promax bars on hand because they are low in sugar, high in protein and not too high in calories. They help me resist the urge to eat the leftover mac ’n cheese off my kids plate and eat something that’s going to give my body the energy and nutrient support it needs to be a better and stronger mom.

MY BAR: PromaxLS Chocolate Mint - I’m always a sucker for anything with Mint. My favorite ice cream as a kid was Mint Chocolate Chip and I still have a hard time saying no to Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies. Promax Chocolate Mint gives me the same cozy, yummy feeling, with less guilt and more nutrition!

LOOKING FOR: I love exchanging tips and tricks and learning from others who are working to balance WHAT they love with WHO they love, while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.