What’s different about Promax Lower Sugar bars?

Unlike some other lower sugar protein bars that use maltitol (a sugar alcohol that can upset your stomach), artificial sweeteners (like sucralose), and incomplete proteins from animal bi-products (like gelatin), Promax Lower Sugar has 18g of complete, high quality protein, only 9g of sugar, is an excellent source of fiber, and contains stevia, a non-nutritive sweetener. Promax Lower Sugar is also gluten-free, vegetarian and contains no artificial sweeteners or animal bi-products.

The ingredients in Promax Lower Sugar work together to elicit a low glycemic response, while providing sufficient carbohydrates to help transport the proteins into the body’s cells. The fiber complements the reduced sugar and a significant amount of protein to help produce lasting satiety. Soluble corn fiber has been shown to be well-tolerated in the body.