Why do Promax protein bars contain different types of natural sweeteners?

Promax protein bars are designed with different sweeteners to help optimize glycemic response. Some natural sweeteners, like dextrose, enter the bloodstream rapidly. Others, such as fructose, break down much slower. In a meal or nutrition supplement, when a profile of varying levels of sugars are combined with protein and fat, it creates a product that gradually increases blood glucose levels (associated with energy levels) and maintains them for an extended period of time. Stevia is used in Promax Lower Sugar and Pro Series as a non-nutritive sweetener and elicits no glycemic response. Erythritol is used in Carb Sense bars and is a sugar alcohol found in some fruits and is absorbed primarily by the small intestine causing minimal gastric distress. If you are looking for Promaxprotein bars with lower sugar, Promax Lower Sugar or Carb Sense is a great choice.